Sunday, January 1, 2012

The magic stays with you.. (Part 1)

Last December 30, the family together with my childhood friends went to Enchanted Kingdom to end 2011.   Left the house early, it's holiday so there's a lot of people for sure. I was so excited for this trip because we go to Enchanted Kingdom every year. It's the place where lining up is really worth it. HAHA!

Here are some of the photos of our trip:

Our first ride, The Grand Carousel. Never missed to try this ride every year. Even though everyone thinks it's a childish ride, I don't care, I just want to try it. It feels magical.haha

The flying fiesta. I feel like flying while riding this.

 One of my favorite rides, the Wheel Of Fate, you can see the whole theme park, even SLEX!:))

 with my boys...

 Kreesha and Juz ♥
 The Jungle Log Jam. It's all about getting wet and wild :))
 Took photos of some of the games inside the park.

 I've always want to try this Lake Spa.

 One of my favorite rides, The Anchors Away! The feeling is epic!
 The Christmas vibe in EK can still be seen :)

I'll post more photos in my next blog post.

and oh, my Nicolethedressupdoll X Miss Sartorial Year end Treat has already ended! Will post the results maybe later or tomorrow!Thanks to all who joined!


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