Monday, February 28, 2011

Beneath the Covers II

Model/Photog/MUA: Nicole,Jonessa and Rachelle

Took these photos during our sleepover. We have nothing better to do so why not have an impromptu photo shoot!haha :))

Our peg, Leighton Meester's beauty shot.she's stunning!


I want a real wing tattoo! But my mom forbids me.uuugggh!



Hope you love 'em!:)

*been busy with school works, I'll blog about outfit posts soon!:)

and oh, who's watching Maroon5 live in Manila on May23? I waaaant!:(


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wishful Thinking.

Identification of one's wishes or desires with reality.
the erroneous belief that one's wishes are in accordance with reality.

So there, I'm a wishful thinker :)

Here I am once again, taking a break from my fast paced life, from outfit posts and fashion blogs. You see, I have all these thoughts in my mind. I can't keep but to think of it over and over again. It's my pastime already. There's one thing making me put my thoughts into writing.

I wonder why I anxiously go online most of the time, talk it up with my friends and get some insights about it, keep hoping for this thing to happen even though I think it's impossible but my friends think it's not, i still think otherwise. Honestly, this is the first time to get attached to someone without spending time with him, talking to him personally etc. My friends identify me as "choosy".I admit it.So there, this post is about someone.HAHA. That's why I really wonder why I'm easily hooked with it.

I wish this is not just a lead on. I wish it's not just flirtationship (more than a friendship,less than a relationship) Because right now, one thing's for sure. I really like it. I like this. I don't know where I'm heading but I'm willing and I'm ready to go.

I never thought that this is going to be a habit. A habit that I think will be difficult to let go. I never thought of this happening. It just started with a good luck and now turning things out to be beautiful. This isn’t what I expected. But this is better. This is great. I’ll just go with the flow, whether to expect or not to. At least, I know I’m holding on to something.. and I’ll make sure that if doesn’t go that way, I’ll be glad to let it go. But right now, I’m loving this. I want this. I want this so bad that I didn’t see it coming.

Maybe you'll read this, and I think you always do. I think you're aware. To you I'm referring to, everything about you makes sense. I make sense, We make sense. Right now, one thing's for sure, you surely do give me something.

To my readers, maybe you'll be having a hard time decoding this random blog post.haha!so sorry :)


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Beneath the covers...


Shots taken by : Rachelle Laurente
Credits to Jonessa Mendoza for sending me these photos.
MUA/Model: Nicole Santos

More photos soon...quite busy with school requirements :)


Friday, February 18, 2011

Three's a Charm!


Date with my girlies Jonessa and Rachelle(Cams,MIA again ). Meet up at 1pm at Fully Booked, Trinoma. It was a lovely morning,great day even though unlucky things always get through.HAHA. I don't mind, I was so happy that day.
So there, I commute to Trinoma, took the FX then when I was walking inside the mall, I noticed my soles making this clacking sound, then I looked at my shoes and it was detached.HAHA:)) I was skating my way to the loo to change into my slippers!and yes!I brought my slippers with me because I'll be spending the night at Jonessa's house.haha!Still, lucky :)

Went directly at our meet up place at Fully Booked to meet Rachelle.Jossa was late.haha :)) I was laughing my heart out with what happened. We waited for Jossa and to our surprise, we are all wearing stockings in different shades!haha :)) We bought some super glue then stick my shoe just to pass the day!hahaha :)))

Jossa's pic when we're still in grade 6 :) hihi.sorry babe :P


Mini dress- Forever 21
Stockings - KT @SM department store
Shoes- So!FAB
Bag- Tomato
Bib- The Landmark



Spent the afternoon eating cinnamons and drinking Chillatas at Cinnabon :) YUM!

Jossa's handwritten tattoos.haha :))

Ate dinner at Read and Brew Coffee shop then sleepover at Jossa's house.

Thank you for this day girlies!I love you all :*