Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Little Bit of Red

A quick outfit post before I go to sleep. I need to wake up early because we're going to Enchanted Kingdom tomorrow! To my international readers, Enchanted Kingdom is the biggest and most popular theme park here in the Philippines. I'm going with the family and some of my childhood friends tomorrow. I can't hide my excitement! EK is the only place where I always return to my childish self. Like I just came out of a cage of being a grown up. HAHA!

Anyway, I'll blog about my EK experience in the next few days. This is what I wore yesterday to our High School reunion at my friend's house. Dressed up casually because we're just having a house party. Wearing one of my favorite piece of clothing, shorts! Wore my newest detachable collar as well from Miss Sartorial. I was so giddy when I received the package the other day so I wore the collar the next day!haha!Isn't it cute?:)

So, here are some of the photos!

1.Red bracelet, Tomato. 2.Bangles,SM Department Store Accessories. 3.Charm Bracelet, bought online. 4.Button Ring, Sachico Shop.

My newest pair of flats! I just love the popping color!

5.Red flats,Tory Burch.

6. Polka dot reversible collar, Miss Sartorial.

7.White top, TOPS. 8.Black shorts, bought from a bazaar. 9.Black Cardigan

*photos by my sister, Errolyn Santos

That's all for tonight! Don't forget to join my Nicolethedressupdoll X Miss Sartorial Manila Year End Treat Giveaway!:)



Jamie Kate said...

I love this look, Nicole! :)

Jamie Kate

Denise said...

i love the pop of red nicole! :) and the flats, oh my I love it! I am such a huge fanatic of red flats! :)

mestizay said...

you look soo adorable!

Junah Cagang said...

lovely outfit !
Interesting blog, I really enjoyed browsing it :)

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