Sunday, December 11, 2011

Glitter in Monochrome

This is what I wore to school last Saturday. I think it's the perfect time to flaunt my tights and stockings because of the cold weather. I was suppose to have my class but our prof was out so YAY!Came to school in civilian clothes! That day was also our Mr. and Ms. CFAD Coronation Night! I invited Vern and Bjorn to be two of our judges but unfortunately, we weren't able to take photos because I was so busy working backstage.

Oh well, back to my outfit photos!

1.Top, Forever21  2.Bodycon skirt, bought at Bloggers United 2(forgot the online store)  3.Stockings, Topshop  4.Shoes, SM Parisian

My lovely necklace by Renz Pangilinan!Tell me if you want this necklace, I can introduce to to Renz!He's amazing:)

Love these sparkling details.

Too bad I wasn't able to take photos during the event. Anyway, hope you like it!


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Anne Garais said...

cool outfit,nice ensembles.. :)