Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Shopping

This is what I wore last Sunday. Christmas shopping with the whole family. Bought clothes, shoes, gifts, decors etc! Honestly, even though we shopped last Sunday, we're still missing some things so we still hit the mall every now and then to finish with the gifts and groceries.

I want a casual but chic look that day so I wore my high waisted shorts with the cute bow detail to make it look more casual. I just put on a blazer to make it look not so 'pambahay' and of course my favorite Mary Jane printed wedges for a sky high effect.haha!I like to look tall coz I'm just 5'2 or 5'3 :| :))

 1.Striped mini dress used as top, Forever 21 2.Nude Blazer, Vintage  3.High waisted Chiffon Shorts, Soiree SM Department Store  4. Printed Mary Jane Wedges, Jellybean

 5.Yellow sling bag, Impulse Co. 6.Accessories, bought from different bazaars

This is the only thing that I want to share to everyone! I can't spill the others because I want it to look new to your eyes when I post it for a different outfit. This my new purple suede platform heels by Folded and Hung. I love how stores nowadays re-invent new items. This is my new purple shoes! I'm in love with it! I guess you guys should check out Folded and Hung's different shoe designs! They're all amazing and unique! I want to but all of it! So go and check out the F&H store nearest you!:)




belle said...

love the laidback look Nicole.

nicolethedressupdoll said...

Thank you Belle!!:)