Monday, December 5, 2011


This is the first part of my blog post about Bloggers United 2. I want to share lots of photos with you guys so I'll break it in two posts. As what I've said in my past blog posts, BU2 was held at Treston International College last Dec 3. Jonessa and I were the Program Coordinators. Our job was tiring but hella fun!:)

This first part is a post full of amazingly fashionable readers, friends and people I met at the Bloggers United bazaar!Excuse the haggard photos, we're so busy that day so we don't have time to retouch as much as possible.hahaha!

Anna Garias and I, Thanks for the tag dear:*

My 2nd prize blog giveaway winner, Karen Ang!Congratulations:)

With Denise!!cute curls:)

I THINK IT'S TIME TO INTRODUCE TO EVERYONE WHO'S THE AMAZING PERSON WHO DESIGNED MY DRESS, RENZ PANGILINAN(the one with the chain necklace) Mad props Renz!With us is his friend, nice meeting you:)
 My gradeschool bff Rachelle and her super tall 15 yr. old brother, Angelo!
 Angelo and I.*kilig He's cute right?girls,aminin?!haha:)) I feel so small. I'm wearing 4 inches heels na nyan ha:|
 With my schoolmate at UST CFAD, Ruther!!!I love what you're wearing!so fasyon!:)
 With one of the people behind Tomato, Mr. Eric!It was nice meeting you po!:)

Those are just some of the photos with awesome people that I met that day!:)
If we have a photo please do send/tweet me / @spellnicole :)

Stay tuned!



Verna Joyce said...

Angelo is cute :D. I like your dress :)

nicolethedressupdoll said...

Verna,yes he is!!!thanks dear:)

Daisha Abrera said...

I love your dress! Super!

nicolethedressupdoll said...

Daisha,thank youuu:)

Anne Garais said...

nice meeting you nicole. :)) btw,its anne not <3

Vina Yabut said...

I love yerrrr dress!!!!! and the top you wore during you cfad event, i think?:) followed you. Great blog! :)