Sunday, November 20, 2011

SuperSale Bazaar Day 3:)

Last day of the SuperSale Bazaar!Met some of my blog readers!The amount of people who went shopping was doubled. Maybe because it's the last day and some booths are putting their items on sale!haha!The perfect time to splurge!!!:))

Shali and her friend!It was nice meeting you dear!:)
Ashley!!!Nice seeing you again!Had a shoot with Ashley months ago for Impulse Co. and now she's becoming a successful model. Goodluck on your career dear:*
My sister!She's a big part of my 3-day manning the booth. Thank you Ohlyn for coming with me everyday. She's been there from day 1-3. She deserves an outfit photo!:) Love you sissy!!!♥
1.Top, Just G. 2.Military Vest, Just G. 3.Jeans, 4.Wedges, Wade 5.Watch,Tomato

The Ruckus and Superfluosly booth!!:)
Lissa Kahayon
Abby and Daniel
JL :)
Camille Co
with JL and Camille
This is what I love about my family!Their the most supportive family ever!They all came to the bazaar had some shopping and helped me pack up. Even my grandma came. I'm so happy to see them!I feel so good whenever I share these moments with my family.They're the best!:)

The Supersale Bazaar was a huge success!Thanks to everyone who purchased Maniqui Manila and some of my Pre-Loved items!Thanks to the Supersale team for this experience!


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