Sunday, November 20, 2011

SuperSale Bazaar Day 2 :)

Day two of the supersale Bazaar was awesome. Seen familiar faces and some blog readers. Abby had a lot of customers that day despite the heavy rain. Here are some of the photos :)

 nicolethedressupdoll X Maniqui Manila
 It was really gloomy outside but look!There's a lot of people doing their early Christmas shopping!That's the spirit!:)
 Spotted, Patricia Prieto looking beautiful as always :)
 Here's my friend Abby the owner of Maniqui Manila!Love the monochromatic outfit:)
and guess what, we're both in monochromatic outfits!
Wore this semi maxi dress for a comfortable feel. This is my favorite dress inside my closet. I wore this last time at the Status mag launch.and guess what?It's thrifted!Lucky to find this one!:)

 1.Dress, thrifted 2.Shoes, Aldo 3.Necklace,bought online 4.Bracelet, Palawan

 My favorite lace up clogs!!:)

One day left!!!:)


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