Tuesday, November 1, 2011

PFW Day 4: Triumph International 125 Years of Tailoring Female Shape

When I was younger, everytime I watch PFW, I always wonder what it feels like to be working backstage until now. One word: CRAZY. =)) Ever since I enrolled my Fash Comm class at SOFA and started working with Mother dear Luis Espiritu, I always think of the backstage as a crazy room of fabulous clothes, shoes and accessories. Photo shoots are mild, but fashion shows are in the extreme level of backstage craziness.haha! I must say that working as an associate stylist is one of the most memorable experiences happening in my life right now. It's like a dream come true and it answers all my questions when I was younger.

Enough with the nostalgic scene.So here it goes..

Our team styled for Triumph this PFW. The show has 5 parts. Shape Sensation, Neutrals, Pastels, Jewel Tones and Valiserie. 

The Shape Sensation part is consist of different body hugging corsets and suits. It really brings out your curvy structures. The Neutrals obviously is consist of nudes, whites,etc! The Pastels are consists of pastel colors and clear beaded accessories. The Jewel tones are consist of violets, midnight blues etc. The last is the Valiserie with laces and more girly sexy stuff.

I don't have a photo backstage because we're so busy. Here's some photos with my style mates:))

With K,Eunice, Hannah and Pam :)
My ever supportive mom!Dad's taking the picture.hihi
 and look!a giveaway from triumph!Bra anyone?:))

 more group photos!:)

 My official ID!:)

Hope you all enjoyed the show :)


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