Tuesday, November 1, 2011

PFW DAY 2: L'Oreal Michael Cinco & Guess

Honestly, it's just day 2 but I can tell that Michael Cinco's show tops the list of the best shows that's going to happen, and it really was. I was really looking forward in watching Michael Cinco's show and seeing his designs in person. I'm such a huge fan. I'm so amazed by his creativity in embellishing and designing these pieces. He's one of my favorite Filipino designers.

So that night, I came in late.(as usual) I wasn't able to get a nice seat but luckily, I was standing near the runway so I can still take these pictures.

 This piece is really pretty :) Look at those layers!

 Probably one of my favorite designs that night. Anne Curtis is really a vision in this gown :) The red is sooo sexy!

 Saw my friends after the show because were all so late.haha!We weren't able to sit together :))
 Joma and Neil
 Saw some of my blogger friends too!

Aie, I love your skirt!:)
 Kaye :)
 Off to the next show!

It really was a party! I was surprised when I entered the function room! There were only two rows of seats and a lot of cocktail tables. They were also serving drinks. The runway was like a dance floor. Fun show!:)

Sanya Smith was the DJ

 Brent Javier!
Sorry fan girl :P He's my crush since elementary. Remember the Pond's days?:)) Hi Lee!:))

 Tatie with Brent
 Blogger friends, Ava, Keigh and Angel!Sorry for the blurry photo girls:P
 PFW Official Make Up Artist/ Hair stylist Renz Pangilinan. He's also my school mate!Taraaay teh!:))

Watch out for more fashion week blog posts!:)


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