Tuesday, November 22, 2011

CFAD WEEK TINSELTOWN 2011: Parade and Symposium

Enough of my outside events. I'll let you take a peek of my life as a student this time:)

So as what I've said in my past blog posts, I've been busy with school stuff particularly our CFAD WEEK 2011 celebration. As a part of the student council, we're responsible in planning activities for the whole week. CFAD Week is basically our college's anniversary celebration. We, the CFAD Student Council planned lots of activities for the CFAD Community. And yes, we don't have classes for the whole week, but that's just the plus. The major reasons why we're here is to enjoy the whole celebration.Let's start!

In line for the first day is my project, the 'Parade of Stars'. Our college week's theme this year is 'Hollywood/Tinseltown'. So we assigned particular movies to different sections. They are tasked to dress up and make props for the parade in line with their movie. Movies such as Harry Potter, Pirates of the Carribean, Fast and Furious, Star Wars, Superhero movies, Chick flick movies and many more. Other students are also encouraged to dress up as any character related to the theme.Take a peek of our Parade and CFAD week Opening :)

Symposium in the afternoon by speakers Katrina Tan for Painting, Mark Bautista for Industrial Design, Teena Baretto for Events and David Guison for Photography and Blogging :)

 I wasn't able to take pics of the other speakers but here's Ms. Teena Baretto and events specialist. She's usually hired for celebrity weddings:)
Our last speaker is one of my blogger friends, David Guison. :) Our audience enjoyed this part :)

 For the record, he's the only speaker who had a photo sesh with the audience.haha!nice dave!:))

Karlos with David :)
 fafangirl mode ako, haha!:))
 Funny, when my friend Barci saw David seating outside, she immediately asked me to have a pic with him :))
 Chill out at Starbucks for a while.Thank you David!:)

So that's our first day!I'll post more about the CFAD WEEK SOON!:)



Trish said...

My friends and I went to Beato during CFAD week. Saw some of the paintings and the mini bazaar ;)) and David Guison too! ;>

nicolethedressupdoll said...

Trish, hope you had fun!!!thanks for the visit:)