Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sweet Treats!

I miss blogging. I mean the 'real blogging'. The times when I used to write random stuff of how my day or week was. So since my sem break has started already, why not update you guys with random happenings. You see, I've been M.I.A. for weeks. I've been soooo busy with plates and Student Council works. As a part of the student council, we're currently planning our college week celebration (CFAD week) Luckily, we're done with all our papers, all we need to do is to have them signed by the authorities. Even though it's my sem break, I still have to go to school for the CFAD week preparations. But at least I have more time with blog errands and sleep. Seriously, I miss sleeping. I miss sleeping for 8 hours straight! Haven't done it for weeks!I've been so sick as well. I had dengue for almost 2 weeks!I was admitted in the hospital for daaays. It was a total nightmare. Imagine yourself thinking about finals and you can't do anything about it because you're oh so sick. I can't even eat properly. Dengue is a nightmare.

Anyway, I've been so giddy with a lot of stuff I'm receiving for the past few weeks. Thank God for the never ending stream of blessings!Besides surviving the first semester and recovering from dengue, I won the recent "Rio Mints Win and iPad2 Contest" by Rio Mints and 2bU of Philippine Daily Inquirer!I got the First Place and of course the iPad2 FTW!!!I was inside the hospital when I knew about it, and yes, for a moment,it made me feel better :)

Thank you so much Rio Mints and Philippine Daily Inquirer for this!xx

Before I got sick, I went shopping with my friends, and look what I bought! A new pair of nude wedges!It's very comfy to wear so I immediately bought it!:)

 Three weeks ago, a VMA class exhibit by the fourth year students was held in our lobby. They're asked to make a mock up boutique. They chose the online store, Seventh Street. I bought this cute pair of scallop shorts for 450php!I can't take my eyes of it!Yes, I'm a true blue impulse buyer :)) I can't wait to wear them!

 Forgot to blog about this lucky buy!I bought this nautical blazer a month ago at Suzto Manila at SM Fairview and guess how much I bought it?Bought this lovely blazer for 200php!!!Happy Buy!:)

Those are some of the things that made me feel ecstatic for the past few weeks. I have lots of stuff lined up this sem break, so I guess I won't be resting at all. It's almost fashion week!So excited!

And oh, you still have weeks to join my Blog Giveaway!!!Make your entries now!:)




Melai said...

congrats nicole! :)

Melai of Style and Soul

nicolethedressupdoll said...

Melai,Thank youuu :)