Monday, October 10, 2011


Got an invite from the List Group regarding the Hang Ten Special Event. A lot of bloggers were invited. It is also the unveiling of their Window Display Contest Winner entry. Bloggers are asked to bring one reader with them at the event. The event started at around 2:30. Thank God I was able to make it on time despite the heavy traffic due to the rain. Anyway, my blog reader Jenny Austria arrived first. hihi.Here are some of the photos that I took during the event.

 I looove the shoes and the satchels!:)

 The host of the afternoon.

 Mr. Kyle de Leon, Hang Ten's creative director

 The Irregulars, The students from PUP who won the Window Display Contest. Congrats to you girls!:)

 My styling team!!!
Giezelle, Jenny and Ana!:)

 The Team with our stylish mannequin!:)

 Ana with her reader, Giezelle.

With my reader Jenny!:)

 Aie,Nikki and Anne's group with their blog readers and mannequin as well.

 David and Lissa's team won the styling game.Great job!:)

 My blog reader,Jenny! 
Hi Jenny!Hope you had fun!It was nice spending the time with you!Hope to see you again soon!:)

 with almost everyone...

 with Vern!missed you!:)

 Jenny,Je and her reader :) sorry I forgot the name:P
 It was nice meeting a fellow blogger,Je. We're both juniors. It was great meeting you Je,looking forward in seeing you again soon!♥

 with Tracy and Tin!Lovely!:)
I love Tracy's dress!It was nice to finally meet you Tin!:)

 With Ana,and Ava!:)

 Hi Je,hope to see you soon!<3

 with Jenny!
Again Jenny,it was nice meeting you.Thank you for coming with me!Hope you had a great time :)

I had so much fun at the Hang Ten event. It was great interacting with fellow bloggers and readers. It's really nice for Hang Ten for having this event! Congratulations to Hang ten for their new look and for having this event!:)

Thanks to The List Group for the invite!Hoping to work with you again soon!♥


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Kyle de Leon said...

Thanks for the post! On a really short side note, the pastel colored shoes are from my sister's new brand, Satchi Shoes. Hope you can visit her FB page!