Tuesday, October 18, 2011

CANON PIXMA LAUNCH: 'Allowing you to not just PRINT but to IMPRINT'

Honestly, I'm an Olympus DSLR user but I'm a true blue Canon lover. I've always wanted to own a Canon DSLR but my dad bought me Olympus so..yeah. HAHA!

Next stop, the Canon Pixma Launch. It was held at the SM North Edsa Annex. I went straight to SM North Edsa after the MTV EXIT. I was soooo early. Usually, I'm the late one when it comes to events. When I arrived, they're still getting ready so I've decided to go around the mall first. The place was really convenient for me. I live in the North side of Metro Manila so it's easier to visit this part of the Metro. I was really giddy when I read that the event was near to my location because it's really tiring to go to the south for some blogger events. HAHA

 First off, I would like to share how amazed I was with these Pixma Printers. You see, I always experience printer problems such as paper jams, ink problems, etc. As a Fine Arts-Advertising student, a printer is really a necessity. We have photography and digital art classes that requires 'infinite' printing. It's expensive to print at printing shops. Owning a Pixma printer is really a big help. They have the newest features a printer could have.

It has it's ECO MONITOR where in you can see how much you have been eco-conscious. Imagine?An electronic machine that's eco-friendly. Next is the Wi-Fi and PIXMA CLOUD LINK. It's PC free and Cloud ready printing. Pixma also has it's FULL HD MOVIE PRINT. You can capture you're favorite moment from full HD movies and get fine print outs that are fixed with Canon's image correction technology. One of my favorite feature of this printer is the FUN FILTER EFFECT. It's really amazing how you can apply filters to your photos directly from your printer. Usually, you use photo editing softwares to do this. But here, Canon Pixma printers has built in filters to make your photos more creative!Lastly, this is not your ordinary printer,WHY?It has light touch buttons that you can use to operate your printer and you can actually print up to 1,200 pages per cartridge. What more could you ask for?It's all in your Canon Pixma Printer!

 This amazing band played before the program started. I enjoyed listening to them:)

 One of the best things in an event, the buffet table. HAHA!Admit it!you guys love the buffet table as well right?:)) Take a peek of my plate.haha!yuum!:)

The lovely host of the event. 

 The people behind the successful brand, Canon.
 The Trivia Game!Krissy,Kaye and I joined!Unfortunately, we didn't win. But hey, we had our ODM watches for the consolation prize. Not bad!:)
 More about the amazing printers...

 Blogger's Treat!:)

 Another game!:)
 Finally met Denise of Simone's Closet :) It was nice meeting you Denise!
 Lucky winners of the Pixma Printer raffle! I won too!But the part when they had the raffle for the odm watches. So I got to take home two watches :))
 With Krissy!:)
 Melai,Pax and Kaye
 With the most supportive mom!:)
 The mini exhibit.

 Don't you just love freebies?
I got two ODM watches!
 and these cases from Rudy Project..
 What's inside the loot! A pen,notepad,cases from the Rudy Project and a Pixma bag!

Thank you so much Canon for this event and Congratulations to your amazing Pixma Series!:)

Thank you Thei for the invite!:)



Natalie Leung said...

oh wowww what a really cute blog <3


Yna Amores said...

It's so nice that your parents go with you! So sweet