Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Primitive Revival!

So, two weeks ago, we had a collab with blogger Aivan Magno for a feature in Manila Kid. We wore our own clothes and style. I opted for Edgy Bohemian. Aivan styled us using his Igorot pieces he bought in Baguio, to turn our outfits into Modern Igorot. It was really a great experience walking around the streets of Ortigas wearing these clothes and of course in my part, the 5 inches lace up clogs. (it may sound sarcastic but believe me,even though it hurts,it was fun!) Of course, we had all eyes on us, plus the unbearable heat, and the cars passing by, but we don't mind at all, what matters is we all had fun!

I think we should focus on our own Filipino fashion. I was really amazed by what we did with the Igorot pieces. It transformed the whole outfit into something more interesting. I've never been so attracted with these tribal patterns since that day. I appreciated it a lot. I think we should also recognize the fashion of our own by using these amazing pieces. We should learn to love our own and be proud of our resources.

These are some of the photos from our shoot.

Manila Kid Team with Aivan Magno

My take on the shoot, Edgy Bohemian.

Aivan Magno, an edgy outfit with Mixed Prints.

Jonard Palteng in Preppy.

Neil Palteng focused on denims.

Aivan Magno x Nicole Santos

Nicole Santos x Neil Palteng

Of course, we took the opportunity to take "crossing the road" shots. It was really fun...and challenging. You see, Ortigas is a very busy area so we had to take chances in crossing.

There, I wouldn't want to flood my blog post with tons of photos. We took A LOT of photos A LOT :))

After our shoot, we had our coffee time at Starbucks Robinsons Galleria. Had a lot of chatting. It was a tiring day, but i'm glad we had time to bond like this :)



Roxanne said...

WOW!! all of those photos are super cool.. your team really did a great job on mixing the prints! thumbs up :)

nicolethedressupdoll said...

Roxanne!thank you so much!I'm glad you like it!:)

Bella said...

Nice pics. Aren't those guys hot in their outfits? I guess in fashion there is no such thing as too hot to wear a scarf or layering in a tropical type of weather. :-)