Saturday, August 20, 2011

ManilArt 2011!

Before everything else, I would like to invite everyone to boost up their artsy minds and come to MANILART 2011, the 3rd Philippine International Art Fair. Happening on August 25-27 at the NBC Tent, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. They will showcase over 300 artworks from the top art galleries in the Philippines. Manilart is the biggest review of Philippine art. I think it's time to appreciate this talent of our Filipino artist and visit Manilart.
So last Thursday, we were invited to attend the Manilart talk 101 at the Secret Fresh, Ronac Art Center. Manilart Project Director Delan Robillos did the opening remarks. He told us many things about art appreciation.

Art director Robert Bjorn Santos of Fatima University shared a lot of things that night. He showed us some of his magnificent artwork collections. This one on the picture is one of my favorites. It is a small painting of a crumpled paper. I love how the painter showed the details with the use of color in this crumpled paper. At first, the audience didn't recognized it until Mr. Robert said. I love how he framed his artwork collections. It makes the artwork more attactive. It is also a great way to preserve a certain artwork.

I also like this artwork. It is entitled, if I'm not mistaken "Pagmamano". It's a figure of a little boy doing "mano" as a sign of respect to his elder.

The interactive part of the night is the time when we're asked to draw a Self-Portrait in a sandpaper using crayons. They're the artists showing us how to do a self portrait.

With Reg Rodriguez of heyrocketgirl. It's nice to see a fellow blogger that night! I also met Tracy for the first time, but I wasn't able to take a pic of us.

With my girls!Via and Joyce.


Our self portraits :))
We had our press kits and free Manilart tickets!Thank you Manilart!:)

I love Ronac. It's the most creative building I've seen here in the Philippines. So artsy!:)

with Mr. Raffy Tima of GMA7.

Had a late dinner at Charlie's!YUUUUM!:)

Mouthwatering and sinful,yes?:))

Meet the newest Food Blogger in town,Joyce Ledesma!

So friends, don't forget to visit Manilart this week!I'm thinking about going on Thursday. I'll see you there!:)


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