Sunday, August 28, 2011

Last Friday Night: Globe T@ttoo Awards!

"Every powerful tool can be used positively and negatively….The earlier we focus on the positive, the sooner we can have innovation."-Maria Ressa

Witnessed the very first Globe T@ttoo Awards at the Rigodon Ballroom, Manila Peninsula last Friday night, August 26, 2011. Powerful people from our country's social media were awarded that night. Social Media has been an influential tool in moving people from our country of any age. This is Globe's first time to have an event like this,and I must say, it was a total hit! Almost everyone nowadays has been exposed to various kinds of social media, so a lot of people participated in voting for their favorite movers and shakers in the cyber world.

Becky Queen/Blogger/Model Ms. Divine Lee and the style icon Tim Yap hosted the event

My blockmate's mom Ms. Elizabeth Angsioco won for the Advocate category.

Lea Salonga won for the ball breaker catergory.

Blogger represent, Laureen Uy won the Stylisimo award. Congratulations!

Jin Joson won for the Artiste category!

It's Youtube sensation Mikey Bustos as the winner for the Video Slinger category!:)

My favorite local band Up Dharma Down won for the Indie Rocker category,Congrats U.D.D.!:)

Here's the complete list of all the winners:
Wordslayer - Loi Reyes Landicho of
Thought-Mover - Bianca Gonzales of
The Artiste - Jin Joson of
The Advocate Award - Elizabeth Angsioco of
Indie Rocker - Up Dharma Down of
Ball Breaker - Lea Salonga
Tech Junkie - Mark Macanas of
THE ONE Award - Filipino Freethinkers of

I was overwhelmed while watching Maria Aragon singing live!She is truly a talented kid!:)

and how could you guys forget Arjohn, the talented kid who can sing, beat box, rap etc!He's so nice when I asked him for a picture!Great kid!:)

Blogger Friends photos!!!:)

Love these Polaroid photos taken as you enter Rigodon Ballroom. I got mine after the event. I love Polaroids!:)

with Anna,Ava,Jonard and Keigh
*got this photo from Melai,thank you!!:)

with Ava,Keigh,Tracy and Melai

Aie,Tracy,Keigh,Ava,Aisa,Melai,Me and Sarah

We all had a great night!The food, drinks, music, people etc! Mad props to Globe for having an event like this that recognizes Influential people from the social media.

Thanks to Pax for the invite!:)
*thanks to Ava,Melai,and Keigh for the photos!



in Aie's shoes said...

It was nice to see you again Nicole! =) You looked lovely that night!

nicolethedressupdoll said...

Aie,thank you Aie!ikaw din,sexy as usual!See you in future events!:)