Thursday, July 14, 2011

18th Birthday Surprise by the CFAD and Archi Student Council!

There are times when you feel like shouting and crying how screwed up that particular time in your life was then something comes so great that all you can shout about is how happy you are. Lesson learned- Never fail to look into the bright side, there's always these bunch of people who never fails to be there with you through high's and low's.They will always be there to cheer you up when everything gets screwed. :)

Last Tuesday, July 13, 2011, the College of Fine Arts and Design Student Council together with the Architecture student council surprised me with a bunch of pink balloons,18 roses,a Red Velvet cake and a tray of smores.

I was totally blank with what they're planning,I had no clue! All I can remember is I was eating lunch with Tri,my co-officer then she asked me to hurry eating because two of our sc friends Barci and Lea were fighting. When we got in the SC office,they're shouting at each other, even the guidance counselor was there.Then the lights turned off then a lot of people went inside the SC office while singing 'Happy Birthday' then I began singing and clapping too,trying to figure out who's the birthday celebrant. Then I saw them circling around me, then that's it!I'm the celebrant pala!haha!I felt my tears running down my cheeks *tears of joy* They're so sweet considering my birthday was last week. Then there's the pink balloons,the roses and the cake with eighteen candles. I was so touched by what they did, time,effort and money of course. They made my day, I was so happy!:)

here are some of the photos,
ps. excuse the haggard photos.haha!

with the Archi SC!Thank youuu!!!:)

with the CFAD SC!love you to bits:*

Red Velvet cake from Starbucks given by Barci!thanks :*

ze pretty roses.
I know it's overrated, but I really love Roses!I'm easily caught off guard whenever I receive these pretty flowers.Thanks to my 18 awesome roses! Ash,Mark,Majo,Pipoy,Jomar,Kay,Meg,Kim,John,Barci, Kristel,Gab,Gabs,Anton,Ian,Kevin,Jannie,and Jonard:)

so there, this birthday surprise really deserves a blog post, To everyone who planned this, thank you soooo much!you guys are too sweet!You made me super happy!Love youuu :*


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