Friday, May 27, 2011

TOPS The Off Price Store Blogger's Bash Contest

TOPS The Off Price Store.

In TOPS, less is more!You get to shop branded clothes without spending a huge amount of cash. They sell clothes, bags and accessories. Imagine buying a Marks and Spencer top in a price half the original!So better visit the nearest TOPS store and spend less and have more!:)

Visited the Off Price Store last Thursday for my Blogger's Bash entry.Check out the outfits I chose!:)

White Long sleeve P499.99 ; LDS Pants P449.00 ; Nine West Bag P3,699.00

Black dress P699.00 ; Big Floppy Hat P399.00 ; Claire Necklace P 629.00

Pink chiffon blouse P299.00 ; Brown skirt P599.00 ; Claire bracelet P169.00 ;
Claire necklace P 629.00

Forever 21 Printed dress P499.00 ; Beige floppy hat P349.00 ; Claire bracelet P169.00 ; Tops necklace P199.00 ; Yellow Bag P699

A photo with the Tops' Commonwealth Store Manager Claire Javate and staff! They're so nice to me!They helped a lot while I'm choosing clothes for my blog entry!:)

*this was supposed to be a wacky picture, I guess they're just too shy to pose!hahaha!

The store.
Thanks to Mom and Dad for taking my pictures!:)

They have lots of accessories!

Got these for myself!

Thank you TOPS for this opportunity!:)

So everyone, get in style at off price, visit the TOPS store nearest you!:)

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AVA T.♥ said...

too bad i won't be able to do this anymore :(

love your shots!

nicolethedressupdoll said...

Ava,sayang naman!it's until 31 pa naman eh :P thanks!