Saturday, May 28, 2011

STYLEBIBLE.PH BLOGGER CHALLENGE : Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011

Got featured in stylebible's Blogger Challenge for Philippine Fashion Week together with other bloggers, Camille Co,Jill Medina,Lexi Gancayco, Shai Lagarde,Abby Queja and Kryz Uy.THANK YOU STYLEBIBLE.PH FOR THIS FEATURE!:)

These are the questions asked for the feature and here are my answers!Thanks to Ms. Jacque De Borja!:)

- How did you come up with your outfit/s for PFW?
I chose my PFW outfits the week before. I don't wanna cram in mixing and matching outfits!haha!One thing about PFW is you get to wear what you want. So I opted for chic and comfy pieces to survive the week!You just have to be your creative self in choosing your outfits:)

- Did you have a theme/look for the whole week or did it change per day?
It changed per day I guess.I'm wearing different styles each day. :)

- What were the trends you tried for PFW?
I tried the color block trend and the use of neutral tones:)

- Name your must-have accessory?
I cannot leave the house without a fancy ring or necklace!Accessories really makes the outfit complete.Sometimes, I even feel naked without them :))

- Did you shop before PFW or did you use what you already had in your closet?
Since I've been busy before PFW, I just browsed through my closet and looked for chic items that I could put together to create a blog and PFW worthy outfit. In times like this, you have to put your trust in your closet and be creative in mixing and matching clothes!:)

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fashioneggpplant said...

congratulations on the feature :)

nicolethedressupdoll said...

Ms. Sarah.,Thank youuuu!:)

AVA T.♥ said...

congrats, nciole!:)

nicolethedressupdoll said...

Ava,thank youuuu :*