Saturday, May 14, 2011

Behind the Scenes: Impulse Co. Photo shoot

Had a shoot yesterday for Impulse Co's new collection. Ashley Ramos, Aie Corpuz and I modeled for them.:)

Here are some of the bts shots :

Look at these little big bags!haha!they call it like that,you can put lots of stuff inside!:)


Make up artist: Angel Hoese

I love her make up set:)
sneak peek!look!Impulse Co's pretty bags :")

It's my turn!
Aie and I with our ice cold Coke! The heat was insufferable!
you guys should watch out for their leggings! They're super nice,the material and the prints!:)
Aie's turn! Wooork it!
Ashley!She's very tall, I think she'll go a long way in modeling. She somewhat looks like Liz Uy in her photos. And she's my schoolmate at UST!
Group pic! with Impulse Co. owner, Reesh Poon,

here goes the fake laugh!hahaha!it was Aie's idea!:))

Had a great time with the girls. Thank you Reesh!:)

Watch out for Impulse Co's newest collection coming this May!



fashioneggpplant said...

angel's my friend from high school! she did a great job on you guys. you all look radiant :)

nicolethedressupdoll said...

Sarah,yes she's really good!:) Thank youu!

LiezyL said...

i LOVE the bags!

AVA T.♥ said...

amazing!! can't wait to see the final photos!!

in Aie's shoes said...

haha! effort ung pinagawa sakin na taastaasan ng legs wahaha! I had fun Nicole! I snatched some photos ha? =)

Velire said...

You gals look gorgeous as ever! And yess the bags and shoes are like woooow. I especially love the printed leggings :D weeeeh. A new shop definitely to check out now :D

nicolethedressupdoll said...

Liezyl,yes they're pretty!

Ava,I'm excited to see the photos na din!hahaha:))

Aie,I had fun din!haha!oo supermodel na supermodel ka sa pose na yun!haha!:) go snatch lang :))

Velire,please do!they have lovely products :)

Vim said...

I want the bags! and your shoes, it's very lovely! :)

nicolethedressupdoll said...

Vim, visit Impulse co!they have lots of pretty bags!:)