Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I don’t usually wear a maxi skirt,I’m a fan of shorts and above the knee skirts!so I tried this!
Got this skirt from my grandma.Love her wardrobe!pretty vintage stuff!:)

Accessories- Tomato and Sachico
Bustier- Hongkong
Pink printed maxi skirt- Vintage
Black platform booties- Parisian
Belt- SM department store

pretty rings from Sachico!watch out for their launching!:)

I really love this round glasses!:)

So,how's summer everyone?Mine's a bit boring.I want to go to the beach!aaarrggh!My family is too busy,I don't know if they're still planning to.pfft :p

Manila's getting hotter, It makes me crave for more sweet and cold food :))

That's all for now.



Denise said...

love your outfit nicole and the black bustier most especially! hehe :)

cher a. said...

summmmer feel! lovely photos dear. :)

nicolethedressupdoll said...

Denise,Thank you so much,hihi!glad you love it!:)

Cher,yes yes,Thank you sweetie!:)

Bernadeth G. said...

love the corset top and the print on your skirt! So lovely.

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nicolethedressupdoll said...

Bernadeth,Thank you dear!:) sure,will do.

The Perpetrator said...

aw i love the skirt! so whimsical!

nicolethedressupdoll said...

The Perpetrator, Thank you dear!:)

AVA T.♥ said...

the maxi looks so cute on you, nicole!!

nicolethedressupdoll said...

Ava,thank you so much :")

Laureen Uy said...

love the skirt! xx

nicolethedressupdoll said...

Laureen!Thank you dear!I'm a fan!:*