Wednesday, February 16, 2011


After the Cirq Regal Fashion Show, we continue the night at Toyz Lounge bar at The Fort. Partied all night!we had sooo much fun!:)

Here are some of the photos!
drink it up!

Pat and Gorbie.

Lyl,Vi,Una,Ils,Me,Gorbie,Laih and Mic.

We're soooo sabog!I know right!excuse the sabog faces.hahah :)) I look so messed up!

Migs,Una,Ila,and B.


Garry,Mic and Una.

There's a funny scene before we got in the bar. So Via and I went to Burger Ave to grab some snack(Fish and Fries..YUM!You guys should try it!) because I don't want to drink with an empty stomach,that feels awful.haha! So we had our snacks take out then went directly to Toyz. Food from outside are not allowed inside so we're eating outside. Then a guy talked to us "Why are you eating outside?" We said it's not allowed inside..then he said "No, you should go inside" then we said "It's not allowed eh" then he said, "Go, I own the place" HAHA!BINGGO!He's so nice!:) The bouncer even tried to sue us, but the owner said it's okay,allow them to go in.hhaha!Felt as if we're V.I.P. for a while :))

Paul,Pat and Gorbs.

eh si kuya,nakatingin.hahaha=))

So those are some of the photos, sorry for the late post!haha :))



AVA T.♥ said...

hahaha super funny the kuya looking at you while your photo is being taken :))

nicolethedressupdoll said...

Ava,haha!yes,actually there are 2 photos of me taken with a guy staring.hahah!a different guy :)))