Saturday, January 29, 2011

UST Quadricentennial Celebration!(WEDNESDAY)

sorry Proud.haha!I'm just overwhelmed about everything that happened this week.

UST had the Quadricentennial Parade from UST around mendiola then back. I had so much fun!The parade was a blast!The floats we're amazing ang the costumes of different colleges are very colorful and creative.

It also happened the same day and at the same time. It's a cheering competition among different colleges and faculties. This is a picture of One Shade, the CFAD dance troupe. I love their costume, Greece inspired :)

A picture of a float that looks like the main building :)

The Grandstand :)


Architecture students are so funny.They wore their plates on top of their heads.That's why it's entitled 81 buildings,81 years of archi :)

My blockmates Pam,Jade,Abby and Garry taking pictures of the parade :)

Mr. and Ms. Thomasian Personalities :)

Mr. and Ms. Medicine and Surgery


Mr. and Ms. Accountancy

Mr. and Ms. Pharmacy

MY SUPERMODEL BESTFRIEND,CAMS with partner Kevin :) She's stunning,Kevin's charming as well.

YAY!Hi cams :*

Mr. and Ms. CFAD
the college where I belong :)
My blockmate Ashley and freshie Andrew :)
wasn't able to take pictures of the other candidates,they're so busy :))

hahah!while resting.

Had so much fun!Wednesday's a blast!wait for my next posts,I'll be posting the other days :)


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Paper Roses.

Paper Roses.
Our photography prelim plate photoshoot.Fashion Photog.

I made the paper roses made of crepe paper for the shoot :)
The yin yang cat :))

okay, this is me :))

TADAH!some shots from our photoshoot!

Mica Villoria
Hannah Cortez
Raych Zaldivar

Garry Cortez

Nicole Santos

Alaizza Quiozon
Pamela Arcilla




Pause and breathe.

I've been thinking a lot lately...

been doing so many things of course, it's prelims week. But it's not just the plates, I think I'm missing out with everything. I've been busy for a couple of weeks. Maybe because,it's prelims week, I have a lot of plates.It's not just the plates, I have papers to deal with, you see I'm running for the position of Vice president-internal in our student council at College of Fine Arts and Design. I thought of it for so many times. Before I go to sleep, while commuting, while classes, inside the elevator, everywhere. I'm really stressed about it. It's a tough decision. So I've got so many papers and requirements to fix, and luckily I'm done with it!I'll just file it on Wednesday.

Next is plates.never ending plates! I think it's usual for a Fine Arts student like me,but still these things makes me go craaazy! I had a lot of painting,printing,photoshoots, magazine layouts etc! haha! I can't believe I'm almost done!:))

Girls are also asking me to sketch their Prom gowns!As you know,it's February it's prom month.haha!been busy sketching pretty gowns. I'll be posting them with the gown soon :) I'm so thrilled to see the gown finished!My friend wants me to go with her on Feb 3 for her fitting for me to see my design :">

And oh,I had this Job Interview at Status magazine in Makati. I had my resume,portfolio,pictures and other documents ready. But unfortunately, I didn't got the spot. They're looking for regular photographers, since I'm a student and my sched is from Monday-Friday, they're worried that the job might get through my studies. And I'm just 17 years old.haha!Too bad i'm still that young :)) They told me that they'll contact me for summer internship!yay!I had fun during the interview. At first I was sooo nervous!But when the interviewing started, I started to feel better. It was like blogging. I'm telling things about me. It was just like a regular chit chat :)) It was a GREAT experience to go into a company office, in a corporate attire with your resume and portfolios!haha!My mom accompanied me,but she's not allowed inside.

We also had our NSTP Fieldwork yesterday!We taught kids at San Juan Elementary School at Nueva Ecija :) I taught grade one students. They're so sweet and fun!We're going back there on the 29th!can't wait!

This week, UST is celebrating it's 400 YEARS CELEBRATION!!! YAY :) There are so many things happening. I'm so proud of my school, it's 400 years old for the record!Busy week,exciting :)

You see,I've been so busy.ahaha!sometimes I wish I'll just pop and be somewhere, where there's no plates, no errands, no responsibilities. Just relaxation and having fun :) But still,these experiences made me feel independent. It felt like I could handle things my own way,following my own decisions. I wouldn't regret this. So there, I think this week, I'll be cooling down.

Hope you will all have a great week!:D

p.s. No outfit posts this time, you see,I wasn't able to take pictures.HAHA!


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hello hell week.

First of all,I wanna thank Channie for giving me this Stylish blogger award!
i'm going to post the details of this award at the end of my post :)

Unfortunately,I can't upload on chictopia:(( I don't know why. So I'll just blog about it here!

What I'm wearing:
Black and white striped blazer-Soiree
Boyfriend jeans- bazaar
tank top
Black caged booties- Rossanna Pena

I love how this blazer looked so nautical!

Sorry, I'll just post outfits once a week.School is crazy!I have tons of plates due this week :))

I had so many things going on these past few days.

BTS, Our english and photography project.We dressed up in Filipiniana :)

My drawing table.oh so messy.Looks like as if a hurricane passed by :))
Look at my nesvita ad my fashion sketch and my monroe silkscreen :)

Look how these plates got me so busy this week?

and oh,I still can't decide if I'm going to run this coming school year for the College of Fine arts and design student council.Help me!what do you think?:p

The stylish award details!

A part of the award is that you should do these steps:

1. Thank and link to the person who awarded me this award
2. Share 8 things about myself
  • I don't eat taho.I don't like it's sweetness.haha!weirdo :))
  • I dream of seeing my designs walking down the runway.
  • Ispend more than I actually earn!
  • I adore movie icons like TONY STARK AND CLARK KENT.
  • I'm a cry baby.
  • I never learned how to play a guitar :))
  • I dream of working in a magazine publication someday.

3. Pay it forward to 8 bloggers that i have recently discovered

4. Contact those blogger and tell them about their awards.



Thursday, January 13, 2011

VINTAGE SHOOT (late post)

(c) Lois Ruiz
MUA: John Villamin
Model: Nicole Santos

Modeled for Lois' shoot for his photography plate (photo-inspired)

photo inspiration


These photos are from January haha!This was on queue 'coz I'm too lazy to blog.hahah!

Sorry for being hiatus these past few weeks. I was effin busy.hahahha :)) I'll post regularly I promise :P