Monday, November 15, 2010

It's Pink Pedi Day!

Beauty day with my girlies Cams and Jossa at Classic Belle!We decided to have a beauty day before 2nd semester starts.Mani Pedi please:)

Jossa and I.
Cams,sitting pretty.

I love the salon's interior!Like it was made for me!It's pink,black and white. I love the concept of the place,princessy,girly,etc :))

The counter.

I chose this nail color for my toes!It's Hot Red,waaay hotter than you :))) kidd'
My feet :))

Ms. Commerce :))

Jossa,standing by the counter,NO SHOES?!!!hahaha:))

Pretty sofas and throw pillows!

Here are their set of different nail colors.



Nail jewels.

Nail Polish.

I love the glass jar with the furry thing on top!This is the jar where you put tips.

Nail art!

The other side of the salon.It has rooms for massage and waxing :)

pretty frame :)

I love the pink vibes of this salon,It's very girly.And did I mentioned that it smells like peppermint inside?oh yess it is!It's relaxing!We inhaled every scent!=))

'Til my next post!
Good Night!


Friday, November 12, 2010

Ahoy Matey!

Well,obviously this is a late post!:))
Hello bloggers!Sorry for being M.I.A.

Happy Halloween!

Dressed up as a pirate this time. I love this mini dress I bought at Forever21!It's one of the first items I bought when the first Forever21 branch here in MNL opened!

More outfit posts!

The kids in their costumes.
With cutie Bianca:)

Painted their faces :)) They said they're already too old for costumes,so they asked me to just paint their faces!

Lance and I.
they're aborable!:)
Jiro,Bianca,Anna,Tiffany and Migs.
Hello Woody!:)

cute little vampire,Dylon :)

Ohlyn,Kreesha and Mai.

i GOT 500PHP for going there wearing a costume!

Sleepover at our place after!:)

I had so much fun!Maybe I won't be blogging regularly,I'm busy with our college week right now.Maybe next week,I'll blog about so many things again :)

Fair Winds,Matey!


Monday, November 1, 2010

'Coz Halloween is the perfect time to play dress ups.

Happy Halloween!
Photoshoot with my stylish friend Jonessa of Scarlet April.

Dressed up as Wednesday of the Addam's Family.

this photos gives me the creeps.:))


Jonessa dressed up as Kanon in Gothic Lolita fashion.

her violin,Scarlet!

Who's up for a tea party?:))

Dressed up as some cabaret girl. I was suppose to be a playboy bunny,buy my bunny ears got lost :P

I love the tutu!It belongs to Jossa's lil sister. It's for her baller class.haha!

photo taken by: Jonessa Mendoza.

Hope you love our Halloween special mini photo shoot :) We've got nothing to do that afternoon.haha!this was sooo unplanned for me. :))