Friday, October 22, 2010

Candy Fair 2010: Welcome to Candyland!

It's candy day! Since I was a little girl,I love reading magazines esp Candy. It has been a part of my monthly routine. It's where I get advices with matters of family,friends,boys etc. It's also my dress up guide.

Reading magazines has been a very big part of my life,maybe that's why I chose the course fine arts advertising, partly because I want to be one of the fashion editors of a magazine someday.

Early morning, meet up with our supermodel bestfriend Cams. Jonessa and I went to UST to see her. We took pictures at Lover's Lane. haha!that's how we call it.

My friend Jossa, loves the green grass.haha!

My pretty friends :">

So there,we arrived at A Venue Makati. Cams,posed beside Mariel's body sized photo :))

Had a picture beside Candy Cutie Joseph Castelar!

Posing by the stage while eating our yummy Jamaican Patties!

Hey Candy girls!

Look at these young girls. This is what you call being Fashionably late! Love their outfits!

By the photo wall.

Cams,my pretty friend.

SPOTTED: Martin Del Rosario!

the moment he went of the car, we immediately took the opportunity of having a picture with him.He's so cute:>


Camille, Camille and I.haha! We met camille at the candy camp last summer.It's good to make new friends with fellow candy girls.

Waiting for a cab. Left the event early,we're heading to Rockwell.
Sat down,resting our feet. It was a long day.

After Rockwell, we took a cab and the MRT then went to Trinoma!

My favorite part!Eating :))

It was a long day indeed. Thank you girls for making my day!It was fun spending the whole day with my two stylish friends Jossa and Cams!


not your ordinary school girl...


i love the black and white polka tie :)
nude lips and smoky eyes,love it. I rarely wear that make up.

pink top: Babo
Tiered skirt: bazaar
black socks: my lil brother's :))
caged booties: Rosanna Pena

i love this kawaii outfit! I look like an anime character from some prep school.

Sorry,i don't post a lot.I know it's sembreak but what the hell, I'm too busy with our upcoming college week. As a part of the Student Council,I need to work on with everything in line with this much awaited event.

so there,i forgot to blog about this.hihi,sorry...

Excited for this upcoming Philippine Fashion Week!
who's going?
I want free invites.hihi :P


that's all for now!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010


tik tok tik tok…

“No jumping conclusions
I dont think theres no solution
Lets get backwards and forget our restless destination
Lets live in the moment just this time could we
Just take one moment of our time maybe
Lets forget were running out of time” - Clockwatching, Jason Mraz

I rarely write up my thoughts here on tumblr,but now I feel like writing it..I’m perplexed with everything. Besides school stuff,there’s something or maybe someone causing this. Just now, two of my closest friends Laih , Jade and I came up with a random conversation. I don’t wanna mention what is it all about but it was something that bothers me a lot right now. I need signs for it to happen. I’m scared of “What ifs?” It feels like as time goes by, the sooner I need to make a decision or a move or to say something..

I hate being stuck with perplexing situations..whether to do this or to say that or to do nothing about it at all. I’m not expecting anything because I think it’s somewhat one of my But of all things,I’m scared of regrets…

so there,I know I have to make a move soon.


-a post from my tumblr account.This is the first time I wrote about something without outfit post etc.k,sharing.sembreak's kinda boring,but i'm busy the same time.haha!weird.I'll hit the sheets.

Good Night!



Monday, October 18, 2010


Styling and Model: Nicole Santos
MUA: Jade Refuerzo

White cropped top
Tiered Sequined skirt
Black caged booties
black and silver accessories

late post :P
This was last september. Had a shoot at Laguna Via's place for our photography portfolio. Love these set of photos taken by my friend,mica. I'm going to post more photos soon.

and oh,

free from stress,plates,daily commute,pollution and time pressure.


thanks my dear co-bloggers.


Thursday, October 14, 2010


Imagine that?how could their clothes get any cheaper?they're on sale!woo hoo! I love this :)
I'm going to go at SM Megamall later with my friend Yel.
See you there bloggers!


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Things that sparkle...

It's been a long time since I last posted.hihi. Sorry for being MIA..I was sooo busy. I can't update my blog regularly. It's finals week, we have tons of plates. Good thing this week is almost over :))

Time for my outfit post!

Wore this last sunday. It's my little brother's birthday! Went to the mall and ate dinner.

Thanks Cams for the sequined skirt. It's puuurrttteehh:">

Blue and white pinstriped top - thrifted
Black tank top - from Canada
Sequined skirt- Cam's
Caged booties- Rossana Pena
Black accessories- bought online,also available at Forever 21

Love love love!This necklace is perfect!I love the chains and the cross. I've always wanted a necklace like this. Better visit F21 :)
And oh,I almost forgot it's sale at Forever 21 this October 15-17 here at the Philippines. Better visit their store at 2nd flr, SM Megamall. I heard that you have to bring your SM Advantage card.. I don't know why:)) See you there!