Monday, June 28, 2010

UST Feshmen Walk 2010 :D

University Of Santo Tomas Freshmen Walk 2010 !:D
The event was a blast! We had a lot of fun. The CFAD Freshmen are awesome during the night!they cooperated so much.

YES,we're so haggard that time,but we still manage to pose for the camera:))



Ryan and I.




Laih and I...with the painting guy :))




Ryan,Laih and Garry.

Ryan,Nicole,Garry and Tatie.

to be continued on my next blog...



Just Casual.

1) black and white pinstriped button down
2)black leggings
3) sequined flats
4) graphic tee
5)black accessories

A casual outfit for a Sunday out with the family.

I really love this tee,I bought it from artwork,it's men's size. I love the pop of red.

The sequined flats I bought from SO!Fab. I even use them at school..very comfy to wear!

Sorry if I'm not posting that much these past few weeks,been busy with school.I'll blog about what events I'm busy with in my next posts:))

That's all for now!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Zebra Prints and Monochromatic dilemnas

It was Father's Day last sunday,we went to the mall to have dinner at Gerry's Grill :)

Jah jah and I. My younger sister is inches taller than me :[ BOO.

My Lil Brother goofing with my mom :))

Ohlyn and I.


1) Gray Cardigan- thrifted
2) Zebra Print zipper skirt- micavilloria
3) Black sequined flats- SO!fab
4) white tank top
5) black accessories

I miss blogging :) I took the opportunity to update my blog today because it's Manila Day!No classes!I have time to rest because the Thomasian welcome walk yesterday was a blast! Being part of the CFAD Student Council and seeing the event turn out to be a success is awesome. It was worth it:)



Monday, June 14, 2010

Because I got tagged...

I missed this tag thing. The last time I tagged was when I was still active in my Multiply account. So there, Jonessa of Scarlet April tagged me. I think it'll be fun to answer these questions :)

1.) What do you do for a living?

Right now,I 'm still a college sophomore at University Of Santo Tomas,taking up Fine Arts - Advertising. My parents are the ones who provide everything for me,like food,allowance,education,clothes etc. But sometimes, I make use of my talents in order to get extra income. Some people asks me to do something for them like doing their projects related with arts, designing their prom dresses,running errands(HAHA) and many more. I enjoy doing those stuff 'coz I love to keep myself busy.

2.) What is your blog name and why?

I am Nicolethedressupdoll and my name is Elyssa Nicole Santos,at home they call me Nicole:) When I was a kid, I love to play with dolls like Barbies, I even have my HUGE Doll House. I keep all my Barbies in there. When I was a little girl, my mom love to dress my up the same as my sister,that's why we always look like twins:P I have a lot of pretty dresses,jumpsuits,shorts,skirts etc! I think that's why until know, I'm fond of dressing up! I imagine myself as a doll. taddah! That's why my blog name is Nicolethedressupdoll!:) I'm a dress up doll :))

3.) If you could raid one's closet, whose closet would it be and why?

I would definitely raid Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes. She is amazing! I just love everything about her. Especially her clothes. If I were her, I think I'm the luckiest fashion blogger in the whole world!:)

4.) What is your favorite movie?

No one can say no to THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA!:) I love Anne Hathaway so much! I love her transformation in the movie, I guess she's good at those roles.I love all of her outfits! Also,the movie is all about fashion! I dream of becoming a fashion designer or a fashion editor someday. That movie just inspired me :)

5.) Who is your style icon?

Taylor Momsen, Leighton Meester, Katy Perry,Blake Lively and Miley Cyrus. They're the best!:)


6.) Why did you start blogging?
I guess in blogging I can write everything I want. It's all about me,no one else! I can express adn share my ideas,creativity and everything through blogging :)

7.) Your own fashion style?
Anything Goes! LOL:)) I love to experiment on everything. My style also comes along with my mood. But I guess my style most of the time is feminine but edgy.

8.) Where do you usually shop?
I shop everywhere! I shop From malls to thrift stores to online stores! Shopping is my cure to any sickness.(even though it leaves me broke after :)) )

So there, it's my time to pass my own set of questions !YAY!

1.) What is fashion for you?
2.) What is your blog name and why?
3.) If you could raid one's closet, whose closet would it be and why?
4.) What is the song that describes you the most?
5.) Who is your style icon?
6.) What is your biggest dream?
7.) Your own fashion style?
8.) Where do you usually shop?

the chosen ones...
*evil laugh..LOL!

Kookie of Death by Platforms
Aivan of Staedtlerboy
Eden of Chic in the Tropics
Aimee of Shortie with the flaws
Hope of Simply Hope
House in Tillford
Amy of Penniless Style
Sybil of Animated Confessions

Thank you everyone :*


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lace and Denims.

Lace tube top,Acid wash zipper skirt,white heels,beige sling bag.

...and the sexy red lipstick to give color to my outfit:))

At our messy terrace :)) Tried sitting for my blog photo.

Finally,I found this skirt already!I've been looking for this for a very long time. I found it in the pile of denim pants :)) I feel relieved :)) I thought someone took it!

The accessories I bought from Bora!I love 'em.they look like candies:">

I think i wouldn't be able to post blogs that much, classes will start in a few and I think I'm going to be busy with plates and the CFADSC. Because I'm the new Chief-of-staff of our Student Council this school year.I really hope I'll still be able to manage my blogs..and I hope this school year would be great!Wish me luck folks.:)

Wait,I would like to thank all of you for your sweet comments!Your words inspires me a lot!Promise to keep in touch:)