Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thank God it's Friday!

Friday,last day of my stressful week! I am now sitting here at my assigned seat our Mac Room for our Design Workshop 2 class. Seriously, I'm freezing :/ Unfortunately, my last name is Santos, letter "S" so I'm seated at the back.(but I love my surname,don't worry.LOL:)) ) The aircondition is just beside me. I can absorb it's freezing air. My gray cardigan is not so effective.
I thought we'll be dismissed by 3pm because the faculty will be having their Christmas party,but I guess not :p I was planning to go to the mall :))
I love this week, it's just 14 FREAKIN DAYS BEFORE CHRISTMAS.I'M THRILLED! Besides that thought, I just love this week because we're just busy. As in normal busy.Not the TOO BUSY times whenever we have tons of plates.
I guess you're wondering my post isn'y related to fashion and stuff. For no reason,sometimes I want to blog about MYSELF.Not what I'm wearing,not what others are wearing.Not pretty things and photographs but WORDS. Words telling how am I,where am I,what I'm doing,what I'm up to,what I like,what I want(you see,like is waaay different from want) and everything about me.
Yesterday,we had this lecture in our Sociology subject.About Jews and Christians.To make the lecture not-so-boring our professor, Sir Quinabog asked us to write any question we have in mind and pass it forward.Take note,ask anonymously. We love the thought. I thought about formspring where you could ask questions to other people anonymously. So there,I'm not going to write here the question that I asked because my blockmates might read this. So yes, Sir Quinabog answered my question and it made me think. and think.and think for so many times. He's right. Sometimes, we shouldn't expect things too much from other people because sometimes he/she couldn't give what we're asking for. Another, don't establish false hopes. That's what I hate so much.FALSE HOPES. Honestly, I don't know what I'm talking about.HAHA!crazy. But for now, I would keep it cool. Take it slow and just let it take me wherever it wants. Don't hold on a thing you know you don't know if you could handle at first.If life permits,let it be.
Okay,for sure It's getting unfathomable right now. I don't wanna be so deep and dramatic right now so I'll cut this out. I heard our classes will be suspended by 4pm(so it changed) and I'll be logging out in a few. Time to publish this blog post.
I missed blogging this long.Full of words and not photos links etc!
Catch you all next time :)

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