Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I was suppose to publish this before January but I was too lazy.haha:))

Our Christmas 2010.

What I'm wearing:
striped black and white blazer-soiree
black high waisted shorts w/ bow-soiree
accessories- Forever21

Families and friends spent Christmas day at our "homes". We have 2 houses built beside each other so we have this passage at the back so we could go to the other house without going out.HAHA:))

Started the day with a mass at church,had lunch and started to tear off pretty gift wrappers!(that's my favorite part,unwrapping of gifts) =))
My cute little cousins.They're so sweet!

Family and relatives.

Obviously,family picture were taken :))

Hello there,I would love to play with you :))

THE CLAN.haha!

so there,sorry for the late post!:)
Merry Christmas!



Lloyda said...

i love your soiree shorts! one of my fave brand in sm! your family looks so fun!

nicolethedressupdoll said...

Lloyda,Thank you!yes indeed,their clothes are so stylish in a very cheap price :)