Saturday, December 11, 2010

Back to Basics

White tank top-Jockey
Boyfriend jeans-Lee
Platform lace up heels-Parisian

Donning on basics today.It’s easy and comfortable to move wearing outfits like this in a busy day :)

Love my smoky eyes and my nude lips.Some say I look so pale in nude lips that's why I always wear red lipstick,what do you guys think?:))

Done with my outfit post!:) til the next!



Channie Patay said...

smokey eye! nice! i had a problem putting on eye make-up lalo na pag smokey eye kasi chinky ang eyes ko. and bagay sa'yo ang nude lips! :D

nicolethedressupdoll said...

Channie,me too,I'm chinky.I just watch videos on youtube on how to put smokey make up on chinky eyes :)) Thank you!

AVA T. said...

Loving the basic look!:) doesn't seem very basic..hehe you look chic!

Scarlet April said...

see i told yah mas bagay smokey eyes sayoooo! i told you so! HAHA!

nicolethedressupdoll said...

Ava,hihi.Thank you :) I think it's too simple kasi for outfit posts on Chictopia.:))

Jossa!Thank you Jer :** hoy miss na kita!what to wear on the 19th??:))

Ana Maria said...

Nicole :) which product(s) did you use on your eyes?

nicolethedressupdoll said...

Ana Maria,hello :) I used e.l.f. smokey eyeshadow palette,you can buy it in a very cheap price!

Melai said...

hi nicole! great look :)

Melai of Style and Soul

nicolethedressupdoll said...

Melai,Thank you :) glad you like it!

Hazel said...

hi first time visitor here!

and the outfit is fab! I would love to try smoky eyes next time :)

PS follow me on bloglovin too! ;)

<3hazel (

nicolethedressupdoll said...

Hazel,thank you for the visit!and thanks for the compliment :) i'll check out!