Monday, November 1, 2010

Philippine Fashion Week Spring Summer 2011:F&H featuring Jellybean


My girls and I watched the F&H show last friday at SMX:) Ila's cousin Luke Jickain got us on his guest list.yay!Thank you :)

Laih and I posed for the photo wall.

Ila and Laih.

waiting 'til the show starts...

cute show.There are three guys singing at the middle of the runway while the pretty models having their catwalk with their romantic outfits!

Maja Salvador.she's really pretty in person.

here comes F&H :)
The sexy models came out of a train or a bus?i dunno.but it looks like that.when the door opened,there comes the models.

After their catwalk, they stop at the sides of the runway and looked like as if their talking to each other.
Love the boho looks and the floral prints.

Here's a picture of Luke Jickain,Ila's cousin..He told us to scream for him when he comes out of the runway.haha!:))

Spotted: Divine Lee and AJ Dee

The very lovely Anne Curtis.

Angel Locsin and Anne Curtis,the main show of F&H :)

A photo with Stylist Lizz Uy!wow,I wanna be like her someday...

Model Aya Abesamis. she's our school mate,but she's in the painting department. It's good we're able to see her that night and took some pictures :)

Ivan Dorschner. Before co blogger Kookie Buhain told me on facebook that Ivan's really nice in person, I totally agree.He's really nice.

The show has ended. I got tired. My shoes are killing me.haha!for the sake of fashion eh?:))

After the show, Luke Jickain called us and told us that he'll be driving us to Ila's house.It's here party that night.yay!

I had a great time. I saw some of my co bloggers at the show. Too bad I wasn't able to take pictures with them. I've always wanted too.hihi.Oh well,there's a lot of 'next time' haha!


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