Monday, November 15, 2010

It's Pink Pedi Day!

Beauty day with my girlies Cams and Jossa at Classic Belle!We decided to have a beauty day before 2nd semester starts.Mani Pedi please:)

Jossa and I.
Cams,sitting pretty.

I love the salon's interior!Like it was made for me!It's pink,black and white. I love the concept of the place,princessy,girly,etc :))

The counter.

I chose this nail color for my toes!It's Hot Red,waaay hotter than you :))) kidd'
My feet :))

Ms. Commerce :))

Jossa,standing by the counter,NO SHOES?!!!hahaha:))

Pretty sofas and throw pillows!

Here are their set of different nail colors.



Nail jewels.

Nail Polish.

I love the glass jar with the furry thing on top!This is the jar where you put tips.

Nail art!

The other side of the salon.It has rooms for massage and waxing :)

pretty frame :)

I love the pink vibes of this salon,It's very girly.And did I mentioned that it smells like peppermint inside?oh yess it is!It's relaxing!We inhaled every scent!=))

'Til my next post!
Good Night!



Aivan Magno said...

This place looks so cute! My sister would love that place. Will tell her about this store. Cool necklace!!!

nicolethedressupdoll said...

Aivan!yes,the place is very relaxing ang too girly.haha:)) Thank you!

Honey Andrade said...

Aw, pretty girls :)
Makes me want to call up my girlfriends for a date tomorrow <3 said...

totally lovin' this post . i can so feel you :)) when i have my mani pedi days , the world just stop and it gives me my relaxing moment . oowwww . im missing it already :C

Anonymous said...

Oh, that salon look sooo cute! Just like Etude House, so pink. Followed this blog btw. I hope you follow back. :)

nicolethedressupdoll said...

Honey, A time with girl friends is so worth it!:), Thank youuu!yes, we girls deserve this day in our stressful life :))

Francesca, Yes indeed.It looks like Etude.sure,i'll follow back.thanks!

Thank you for dropping by everyone :)