Tuesday, October 19, 2010


tik tok tik tok…

“No jumping conclusions
I dont think theres no solution
Lets get backwards and forget our restless destination
Lets live in the moment just this time could we
Just take one moment of our time maybe
Lets forget were running out of time” - Clockwatching, Jason Mraz

I rarely write up my thoughts here on tumblr,but now I feel like writing it..I’m perplexed with everything. Besides school stuff,there’s something or maybe someone causing this. Just now, two of my closest friends Laih , Jade and I came up with a random conversation. I don’t wanna mention what is it all about but it was something that bothers me a lot right now. I need signs for it to happen. I’m scared of “What ifs?” It feels like as time goes by, the sooner I need to make a decision or a move or to say something..

I hate being stuck with perplexing situations..whether to do this or to say that or to do nothing about it at all. I’m not expecting anything because I think it’s somewhat one of my fantasies.boo. But of all things,I’m scared of regrets…

so there,I know I have to make a move soon.


-a post from my tumblr account.This is the first time I wrote about something without outfit post etc.k,sharing.sembreak's kinda boring,but i'm busy the same time.haha!weird.I'll hit the sheets.

Good Night!



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