Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Soft Focus.

white shirt,acid wash denim shorts,leggings and gladiator sandals ♥

zoom in ...

I love my nails!I painted this :)) red and blue...i'm lovin those colors right now..i don't know why :)) here's the catch,my shirt is glow in the dark!HAHA:)) i love to wear it during night time..i bought it at the Souvenir shop at Enchanted Kingdom,it says, "THE MAGIC STAYS IN HERE".

More photos of my casual attire :))

I seldom wear shorts over leggings..so this time i make sure i have a picture of it :))

It’s one of my girlfriend’s 17th birthday
happy birthday Sarah.I love you so much :*
Partied at their house.It was fun!we took so many photos.
I really love spending time with my friends.I feel safe with them :">

I miss posting looks.I don’t take pictures of my outfits these days ‘coz I lost my DSLR camera charger :(((
I’m so scared using it,it feels like I’m going to lose the cam as well :[

credits to Ms. Yel Valin for such cute photos.


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