Thursday, April 1, 2010

Self Portrait.

Final Plate for Techniques II: Self Portrait
(1st box: pen and ink,stippling ,2nd box: colored pencils,crosshatch, 3rd box: watercolor, 4th box: poster paint )
I got a grade of 90 in this plate,luckily, 90 is the highest grade!YAY :)

I'm still working on it :P :))

My self portrait :) hope you like it!

50% percent finished.


Scarlet April said...

ilike this en! so much! good job! :D

Scarlet April said...

oh en pano makagawa nung ganyan sa sidebar mo for chictopia? kasi i know how to get one in lookbook eh. idk kung pano sa chictopia. help!

Kookie B. said...

that portrait is so cool! i didn't know you're an artiste! :)

Scarlet April said...

oh dearie...nevermind, I got it already. :P

nicolethedressupdoll said...

JER !hahhaa:)) i laughed at your comments,it's like you're talking to yourself on how to put a badge for chictopia :))) Thanks want i'll make one for you?

KOOKIE !Thank you so much,I'm glad you like it!I'm taking up Fine Arts-Advertising :) That is one of our plates :) thanks again.