Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Birthday MOM!

Last December 23, 2009, We went to Enchanted Kingdom to celebrate my Mom's birthday :) We really had a lot of fun!

Mom,Dad and my little brother,Edric inside their gondola at the ride Wheel of Fortune. I think this is the most peaceful ride in the whole theme park,especially at night. You can see the whole theme park full of lights. You can also feel the cold breeze,it's very refreshing. I really love this ride :)

This is a photo taken by my sister, it's me by the Brooklyn place. It's my favorite part of the theme park. I love how it's made. Here, you can see bakeshops, theater, garment stores, post office and everything as if you are in a real Brooklyn place:) That theater is the Rialto Theater. I think that's the best theater I've been to. The seats are moving according to what you are watching,AMAZING :)

This is a photo of the Victorian people dancing at Victoria park. I really love those ball gowns, I wanna design one sometime:)

This is the outfit that I wore that day. I kept it comfortable. This picture was taken beside the Carousel. I really love the pop of blue of my shorts and my beret :)

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