Monday, December 7, 2015

Blogger Quiz Night at Wingman

It's my first time to attend a quiz night at a restaurant! Answering a lot of questions requires a lot of eating as well right? LOL This is one of the most fun and interactive food event I've ever attended. Eating delicious chicken wings and answering unusual questions is a really good combo!

Wingman is one of the newest wings place in town! They offer different flavour of wings, burgers, fries, sandwiches and mouth-watering desserts! They're newest branch is located at UP Town Center, Katipunan.

The first thing that I noticed is the restaurant's interior. As a Visual Merchandiser by day, this is always the first thing that I notice in a shop/store. When I saw the interior, I knew why it was called WINGMAN. The store is filled with everything connected with aviation and chicken wings! Smart!

I've mentioned in my past posts how I maintain a healthy diet and body but I think no one can resist a huge plate of fried everything! Shoe string fries, potato wedges, curly twists and onion rings with a yummy dip? Hell YEAH!

We were instructed how the quiz night goes. While we're listening, they keep on serving food which causes a huge distraction! HAHA Their food look sooo good.

We ordered 5 different flavors of wings, Classic Buffalo, Garlic Parmesan, Honey Garlic, Moroccan Chermoula and Wing dela Cruz. My personal favourite even in other wings place is the Garlic Parmesan but after trying out different flavours in Wingman, I had a new favourite! The Wing dela Cruz is their Filipino flavoured wings, it tastes like Adobo! We all love Adobo so I think you guys would love it as well. The Moroccan Chermoula is something new and I've never tasted something like this before and I must say that it tastes good as well! :)

We're the Team Jetsetter! At first I thought the questions that will be asked that night are just easy ones but I was so surprised how difficult the questions were. I learned a lot from this quiz night!

Photo by Matt Lee

So here's our team multitasking, taking photos while answering questions! #bloggerduties

Photo by Matt Lee

Honestly, writing down this post makes me want to eat wings again. These photos reminds me of how good they are!

Besides their delicious wings, they also serve one of a kind desserts! We tried Deep Fried Snickers! The vanilla ice cream and fried snickers go really well together!

Photo by Matt Lee

Overall, the Bloggers Quiz Night at Wingman was awesome! Even though we didn't get to answer all the questions right and got the lowest score HAHAHA we still enjoyed our flavourful wings!!! 

Definitely going back to Wingman for our next set of wings and maybe a round of drinks? Do try Wingman if you're near the area! 

To know more about Wingman, visit their social media accounts:

Instagram: @wingman_ph


Monday, November 16, 2015

Summer In November

Hi! It's been a while and I'm saving the time and effort for blog posts that could help your next vacation or fashion issue. 

Anyway, I was away last weekend. Had the time to de-stress and relax by the beach. Don't you just love the smell of new white sheets in your hotel room? Good room service, great resort food, clean swimming pool and clear beach water? Ahhh thinking about these things makes me wanna book another quick vacay again!

Anyway, we went to Thunderbird Resorts and Casino Poro Point in La Union last weekend. It's my first time to visit a Thunderbird resort. They have one in Rizal as well. It's quite expensive to book a room but it's totally worth it. I mean the ambiance, the Santorini feel of the resort is amazing! An overnight stay is not enough! LOL

The moment we got to the gate of the resort, I was in awe! The place looks really nice and peaceful! Perfect when you're all stressed out with work and you wanna clear your mind *ehem* LOL Plus the white and blue Santorini like structures looks really refreshing, plus they super look nice in photos! Every corner of the resort is instagram worthy! ;)

The photo above is their 5ft. swimming pool. See the little dome by the bridge? That's a mini bar! You can order smoothies, cocktails and other alcoholic drinks and drink it by the pool. How nice! Maybe that's why the pool is just 5ft., it's made for plain chilling out and enjoying each other's company.

See what I'm talking about? I can't believe there's a place like this in North Luzon!

This is me having drinks with my love. hihi 

swimsuit, I LOVE KOI | sunglasses, FOREVER 21

I feel so giddy that my swimsuit matches the place. LOL 

Way up there is our hotel room! and obviously our view is their amazing pool and beach! AAHHHH!

bluetooth speaker, NUDE @ Beyond The Box

We got there Sunday around lunchtime and a lot of people are checking out already that's why there weren't much people during our stay. It seems like we rented the place! HAHA Good thing I brought my mini bluetooth speaker so we could still listen to music while swimming. 

Monday morning never felt this good! I've always hated Mondays because it's the first day of work in a week but this time, I fell in love with Monday. Seeing this view the moment you got out of bed is amazing!

I'm loving the white and blue interiors I wanna take them home! LOL

We had our breakfast at Olives Restaurant and they had different choices for breakfast, we chose the Filipino breakfast. Longganisa, scrambled egg, tomatoes, garlic rice and atchara. The breakfast is complete because before they served our main dish, they served us hot bread, muffins, cinnamon, butter, juice and coffee! I'm an ultimate breakfast girl so I really enjoyed this meal! 

We decided to hit the beach Monday morning because we wanna be there early so we went there around 8am and we're the only ones at the beach! Perfect time to take photos hihi!

The shore might look rocky (well it is) but we were amazed with the water because it was so clear! We're so bummed that our underwater camera went out of battery the time we're there! 

off shoulder top, STYLE STUNNER MANILA | bikini bottom, EIKA | sunglasses, FOREVER 21


My favourite view hihi <3 p="">

bikini top, ROMWE | bikini bottom, EIKA | sunglasses, FOREVER 21

There's a funny story behind these photos. So we're the first ones at the beach then few minutes after a lifeguard came to watch over us. Then Mon asked the lifeguard to take our photos then he said, "Sige po, wala akong magawa eh!" He's bored so he wants to take our photos instead. He even asked us to pose in different places by the beach! HAHA Thanks Kuya! :)

After swimming at the beach, we went to the pool for the last time. 

FYI, The same lifeguard took this photo of us. hahaha Many thanks to Kuya this was really a nice shot!

Before we left the resort, we had lunch first at Olives Restaurant.

We had "Devilled Chicken" and Roast Pork with mashed potatoes, garlic rice and vegetables. Both meals were delicious! They served free bread with garlic butter while waiting.

Thunderbird's famous ceiling mural.

Over all, our stay at Thunderbird Resort Poro Point was great and worthwhile! Even though our stay was quick, we got to enjoy their facilities. We even went to visit their Casino at night and had dinner at Vegas Restaurant. I recommend Thunderbird resort for your next get away with family, friends and loved ones. The money that you're going to spend is worth it.

Feel free to drop some questions on the comment section below if you want to ask me about anything related to my trip! I'd be happy to help! :)

Thank you Tin and Awin for this trip! :)

Photos by Raymond Tagle Jr.