Monday, April 24, 2017

Quick Weekend Getaway to Crystal Beach Zambales

We went for a day trip to Crystal Beach Resort Zambales. It was a 3-4 hour drive from Quezon City to Zambales. We didn't really planned it so we just opted for a day trip because staying overnight is not an option since we weren't able to do prior bookings. The entrance fee if you're planning to go on a day trip is P 350. 

Crystal Beach Resort is perfect for adventurers who loves camping and surfing. There are different types of accommodation in Crystal Beach and the most popular of all are the tents. You can bring your own or you can also rent from them. They also have air conditioned rooms and fan rooms that you can book depending on your budget and number of people.

Crystal Beach isn't a white sand beach so don't get your hopes too high. The place looks nice, its just that I've seen a lot of photos showing as if it's a white beach but it isn't. The place has pine trees and large waves. That's why this place is perfect for surfing.

on him: red board shorts, TOMMY HILFIGER | sunglasses, RAY-BAN
on her: one piece swimsuit, EIGHTH MERMAID | sunglasses, RAY-BAN 

I haven't tried surfing before so I was really looking forward to visiting this place because they have a Quiksilver Surf School. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, you can surf by renting a board or bringing your own. Since I haven't done it before, I availed the beginner's surfing class!

They taught me everything, the different positions, the stance and the rules of surfing. I learned a lot and they didn't stop until I was able to go for a long ride. It was self-fulfilling! 

one piece suit, WEAR SANDY CHEEKS | cap, ADIDAS

I know everyone of you is excited for your summer trips. This is the best time to hit the beach and chill with your friends while sipping cold drinks. I'm just wondering, what do you actually prepare for an upcoming beach trip? Let me jot down mine.

1. The Venue
Of course I think this is one of the most important things. Search locations that will suit the vibe that your looking for and wouldn't go over your budget (of course you have at least a rough estimate on your mind).

2. Your Budget
After looking for a venue, you can now estimate the money that you need to prepare for your trip. Best tip? Travel with your friends! This would help all of you to spend less and of course the more the merrier right? :)

3. Transportation
There are a lot of ways to get to one place to another. You can book a plane ticket (if necessary), you can commute by bus, you can rent a coaster or van, and lastly you can drive your own car.

4. Your Wardrobe
Summer is my favourite season because I can wear my rompers and swimsuits more often! I'm obsessed with these types of clothing so I really make sure my summer wardrobe is on point!

5. Your Body
I'm not talking about being sexy and fit (though i know summer is a really good motivation to get your butts to the gym) but I'm talking about taking care of your skin and prepping your body for that summer outfit! Make sure you always put sunscreen all over your body and yes most importantly your face. 

Another is get rid of that chicken skin and unwanted body hair! Book an appointment to your favourite waxing salon and let them do the job. I always trust Whipped when it comes to getting rid of unwanted hair. They keep my skin smooth and hair-free. That's why I'm always ready to flaunt that bikini confidently! Isn't it more sexy when you're confident? :)

It's advisable to wear a rash guard when surfing to protect your skin from the harsh sunlight and from open cuts if ever you fall from your board.

We left Crystal Beach Resort at 6pm because it's the cut-off time for day trippers. It was a good experience for a quick weekend getaway.

So there, I hope this post has been helpful if ever you're planning to go on a quick weekend getaway to Crystal Beach Zambales!

Stay tuned for more!:)

Photography by Elijah Nichelle Santos


Saturday, April 15, 2017

Coron Part Two: Weekend in Paradise

Welcome to the second part of our trip to Coron! If the first part is all about snorkelling and other water activities, our third day is more of a relaxation day. Yes we did island hopping, but we just visited Coron's most sought-after beaches. This is actually my favourite part of the trip.

We visited 3 islands during this trip. We booked the Coron Tour C which includes Isla Bulog Dos, Banana Island, and Malcapuya Island through JY Travel and Tours Coron.  These islands are an hour and a half away from the port so it was a long boat ride before we got to these pristine white beaches.

We're ready for our boat ride!

First stop, Isla Bulog Dos.

Bulog Dos is a little island with the famous white sandbar that can be seen especially when low-tide. This island also has this tall rock formation that almost formed a cliff where you can see the whole island and the neighbouring Two Seasons Coron.

Honestly, this one is my favourite. Just look at the white sand and turquoise waters, stunning right?

one piece swimsuit, COSTA SWIMWEAR | pompom hat, NICOLE SANTOS(let me know if you wanna order) | hoop earrings, CHARMING CHARLIE


Mon Amour!

This is the rock formation I was telling you about. There's a stairway at the side of this rock so you can climb up and see the amazing view.

This is breathtaking! This was taken from the top of the cliff, you can see the whole island and that sandbar of course!

We spent lunch time on this island so we were able to swim and took more photos.

Just look at how clear the water is!

Next stop, Banana Island. 

This island is perfect for that R&R that you've always wanted. The island is full of hammocks, beach huts and beach beds where you can take a nap or simply rest while admiring the beautiful view.

Imagine lying down the hammocks while seeing the coconut tress swing and rustle through the wind. So relaxing. I took a nap during our stay there!

Some of our tourmates spent the night here, they didn't come with us to the next island. You can stay on this land for a reasonable price of P 1000.

I made this hat by the way! Just email me if you wanna order!

Last stop is the Malcapuya Island. 

This island is famous for coconuts and fish feeding activities, You can pay P150 and the boat will drag you to the best fish feeding spot on this island. You can take underwater photos while feeding the fishes! It's a must to bring a GoPro camera or any underwater camera with you to capture every moment.

You can also buy fresh coconut to help you cool down especially this summer.

I think I've mentioned in my last post how I love beach dogs right? They're so adorable!

Again an hour and a half boat ride on the way home. We were able to catch the sunset, it was astonishing.

We were pretty tired after our long boat ride so obviously we're all starving already. We ate dinner at Lolo Nonoy's again! Johnny enjoyed Lolo Nonoy's because the food here are huge servings of Filipino dishes in affordable prices. Don't forget the halo-halo!

This was taken during our last day in Coron. I really enjoyed our stay in Coron Westown Resort, the service is superb. 

Watch this video to know more about our trip! :)

I hope this post helped you in planning your itinerary if ever you're visiting Coron anytime soon! This is my favorite destination in the Philippines so I hope you enjoy your stay there! You can email me if you want a copy of our itinerary. I'd be more than willing to share it with you.

*Photos were taken using a GoPro Hero 5 and and iPhone 6S Plus camera*

Photography by Raymond Tagle Jr.